As you may have heard through media reports, the Vancouver School Board is under pressure from the provincial government to close several schools in order to receive funding for its remaining seismic upgrade projects.

This stems from a new government requirement that the VSB develop a plan of how the district can reach 95 per cent capacity utilization over the next 15 years. This district is also facing increasingly urgent operating funding challenges and pressure from government to selling off school lands to deal with funding shortfalls. 

According to government’s definition of space utilization, the district in currently at just under 85 per cent.

In response to this new requirement, VSB staff are recommending the board consider closing several schools to meet government’s demands in order to secure funding to complete all outstanding school seismic upgrades.

While government made a promise in 2005 that it would fund all school seismic upgrades, it has changed its funding criteria several times making it more difficult for the VSB to access funding.

Your Vision Vancouver School Board trustees believe in the importance of ensuring all communities have access to safe, neighbourhood schools. We are committed to ensuring a full and meaningful long-range facilities plan public consultation before making decisions about the future of our schools.

It is important that we continue to hear from you, so we ask you to join School Board trustee and former Chair, Patti Bacchus to hear what steps they've been taking to deal with the facilities plan and the significant operating budget shortfall so we can ensure all students have access to safe, well-equipped schools.

Join School Board trustee Patti Bacchus, and the Vision team to discuss the urgent funding challenges of Vancouver's public schools.

Early Council - Addressing the urgent funding challenges of Vancouver's public schools

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 | 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Continental Coffee | 1806 Commercial Drive

Includes muffins and coffee by donation

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